Hey, I’m so grateful you stopped by! Here’s a brief overview of how to order, and if you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 312-933-9838.

How It Works:
-You can place two types of orders: Perishable or salami, beef stick, and beef snack (non-perishable) orders.
-Just choose the items you want to order, and the website will calculate the shipping.
-Perishable boxes start around $45 for a 35 lb Box.
-Salami, beef stick, and beef snack orders start at $15 for a 35 lb Box.
-Free shipping nationwide for Salami, beef stick, and beef snack orders that are 25+ lbs.
-There is no minimum requirement
-After placing an order, you will receive two confirmations. The first one is to confirm that we received your order and the second will show the actual weight and price charged when we fulfill the order.
-Orders must be received by 8:00 am on Friday to ship out the following Monday.
-We offer ground shipping to individual states that have rural locations that take longer than three days for ground shipments, and we reserve the right to cancel orders to those locations if we feel that there may be a food safety concern.
-Priority Overnight shipments are guaranteed delivery by 10:30 am unless the destination is far away from the nearest hub or located in a rural area.
-All orders ship in heavy styrofoam boxes with frozen gel packs, dry ice, or both.
-If this is a gift, please be sure to alert the recipient that a perishable package is coming.

Please note: products received on a Friday are fresh enough for weekend consumption.